Dr. Nathalie Beaulne - Orthodontist Les Moulins - Terrebonne


The damon System

The Damon system is the orthodontic system currently recognized to deliver extraordinary results in less time and in the most comfortable way for our patients. 

We are excited about the results of using this system that we have been . In order to ensure a positive experience and to prevent as much complication as possible, we invite you to follow the following recommendations ...

How to prevent

  • The initial wire used to start the treatment is very small and very flexible. Beware of chewing large bites on the posterior teeth that can bend the wire and pull it out of the bottom teeth. A patient or skilled parent will succeed using an eyebrow forceps to replace the wire. But it's not that easy 

  • Chewing gum causes metal fatigue and subjects the casings to forces that cause them to peel off. Therefore, chewing gum should be banned or used only occasionally and for a short period of time.

  • Soft drinks are not all sweet but they are all very acidic. Regular consumption (more than 2 cans per week) can cause the decalcification of the teeth and the appearance of permanent chalky spots on the teeth. Even the best fruit juices also cause this effect, so they should be consumed in moderation (once a day). It is recommended to take advantage of ortho treatment to rediscover the pleasures of drinking water! And this is true for all our patients and not just for ortho patients.

  • Hard foods such as raw chunks of vegetables, whole apples, granola bars and nuts put the appliances at a lot of stress ... to be consumed with great caution, in small pieces.If a box comes off and there is no pain or discomfort, it is not an emergency unless the treatment is in its terminal phase. However, mention this when confirming your next appointment so that the duration of the meeting is adjusted.

  • Use the supplied silicone or orthodontic wax to cover a casing or a piece of wire that protrudes or hurts. Generally, these discomforts arise mainly at the beginning of treatment and are rapidly absorbed. In case an orthodontic wire protrudes behind the last case and hurts, make an appointment mentioning the problem, the secretary will see to offer you an emergency appointment quickly.