Dr. Nathalie Beaulne - Orthodontist Les Moulins - Terrebonne


Orthodontic Techniques

Nowadays, a lot of various orthodontic products and techniques exist.

  • Conventional fixed orthodontic appliances, commonly called braces, are still considered as the reference to be the best performers from all the appliances in orthodontics.

  • They can be used to treat practically all the types of malocclusion problems, from the most simple to the more complex.

  • The orthodontic boxes are available in two forms: metallic or in porcelain (transparent).

  • However, high performance products exist with various aesthetic benefits. The products and techniques that we use were selected for those reasons.

Cases and Techno

Some studies show that the use of the new technologie Empower is beneficial for the treatment.

  • Empower reduces the patients' inconfort
  • It requires less adjustment appointments during the treatment
  • It allows the complete the majority of the treatments 4 to 6 months faster than with the conventionnal orthodonctic techniques.

  • The traditionnal techniques which use metallic boxes require to tie the wires securely with ligatures or metal fasteners. This creates friction during the teeth movement which requires the use of larger forces to move the teeth. Therefore, it results in more discomfort for the patients and in a longer treatment.

  • Self-ligating boxes Empower do not use metallic or elastic fasteners, but rather kind of a revolutionnary sliding door which maintain the wire in place with less friction while still allowing him to move.

The Empower system uses high technology wires which create very light forces to move the teeth. It results from this sweeter pressions on the teeth and a better comfort for the patients. The treatments could then be less longer and this means less adjustments of the appliances and less appointments with the orthodontist to reach the treatment's goals.