Dr. Nathalie Beaulne - Orthodontist Les Moulins - Terrebonne


The check-up appointments

We must meet periodically during the treatment in order to observe the progress and to make the necessary adjustments for the treatment to work well. Those appointments are scheduled every 2 to 8 weeks and last about 40 minutes. Obviously, it is impossible for us to offer you all appointments at the time of your choice as a result of the high demand for a certain period and the popularity of our orthodontic services!!!
In order to disturb your activities as little as possible, we have established this policy: the orthodontic appointments which last more than 40 minutes are scheduled before 4:00 pm. It is very important that you present yourself at your appointments to assure the good progression of your treatment.  After each step of the treatment or about every 6 months, we will inform you of how well your treatment is progressing.